Friday, February 28, 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 Travel Tips When Flying!

I'd like to take a few moments to go over some helpful tips for those preparing to travel by air during the spread of Coronavirus, better known as COVID-19.  This little crown-shaped bug is getting a whole lot of attention these days, and I'd like to take a moment to address some practical things that can really help.

There are always lots of viruses floating around, some more dangerous and harmful than others.  As a former nurse, hygiene and universal precautions, are something I take very seriously.  I think there are several practical things we can do to help while flying and while in the airport, to minimize the spread, and to protect ourselves as well when flying is not optional.

  1. WASH, WASH, WASH! - Proper hand washing - Take 20 seconds to wash your hands, scrubbing with soap and also taking your fingertips and putting them into the palm of your hand to almost scratch the palm area to get under the nails. Sing your ABC's if you need to!  Also don't touch sinks and toilet handles or anything in a bathroom after washing. Use paper towels or toilet paper to dry hands vs. wind blowers which can spread germs.
  2. GLOVES OR NO GLOVES? - Gloves, N99 face mask and eye protection - Gloves are great to wear in bathrooms.  Masks are to be worn if you are sick, not necessarily if you're well according to the CDC.  However, we also believe it is a choice for people to make individually. I think it's important to talk to travelers about the funny feelings of wearing a mask so that cosmetic "what will others think" does not outweigh the importance of this whether for protecting yourself or others.
  3. SANITIZING WIPES - Sanitize your space - It's a great idea to bring some sanitizing wipes to wipe down the tray table, arm rest, etc in your seat. It's a good idea because who knows how often these things are being sanitized in an aircraft. 
  4. HAND SANITIZERS - Hand sanitizer sprays and gels can tote with you in your carry on to use when hand washing is not possible.
  5. NASAL SPRAY - Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray - Is a proactive measure and can be sprayed into nostrils during air travel when air is re-circulated inside of the aircraft.
  6. AIR NOZZLE IN FLIGHT - Should I turn off the air flow nozzle? Usually you want to get "fresh air" but it is discussed that recirculated air can spread germs as well. There are filtration systems in an aircraft to help cleanse the air, so you can always ask this question on the specific aircraft, to get an idea if you should turn the nozzle on or off. 
  7. BUILD UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - Take your best immune building supplements prior to travel and throughout travel to stay well. Some that we recommend are Vitamin C with bioflavinoids, Echinacea, Elderberry, Vitamin D drops, Turmeric, Bio-Curcumin, Colloidal Silver products, Probiotics, Zinc, Selenium, and Activated Charcoal capsules.  You can research how much of these and when and why to take them, but having yourself well-stocked, is great for you and others you love who may not have these things when they need them. Also getting plenty of rest will help you stay strong to fight off any illness you come in contact with.
  8. SAY NO TO SODAS AND SWEETS - Limiting intake of sugars, sodas, and any sweet treats is a really good idea, especially when sickness is in the air.  The more sugar you are eating, the higher chances you'll have of getting sick.  Sugar and sugary treats work to really break down the immune system, making you more vulnerable to viruses.  Staying away from all sugars is a huge help. Fruits are great and fruit juices, just not any refined sugars or concentrated sweets.  Even limiting these for a week or so prior to travel is a great idea to build up your immune system prior to flying.
  9. STAY HYDRATED - Buy your bottled water in the airport and drink lots of water before and after flying.  Make sure to get lots of sunlight and fresh air as much as possible while traveling. Statistics show that moderate exercise can greatly reduce your chances of getting sick.
  10. BATHROOMS - Be careful in bathrooms. Bring with you some toilet protectors just to be sure there is coverage where you are sitting in case restrooms run out of these.  Also it's good to bring some gloves and sanitizing wipes to clean areas that are not cleansed properly before you enter.
That's my list! Hopefully this is helpful for someone, and be sure to visit the CDC website for their list of recommendations as well.  

Please visit our website for any upcoming airfare needs and stay well!

We also offer some great travel insurance policies which you can view HERE.  Policies that cover "Cancel for any Reason" are what we recommend, and are usually the most beneficial when purchased within 7 days of ticketing.

Blessings upon your journey!
Tabitha from Adoption Airfare®

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