Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Reasons to Reconsider "Basic Economy" Flights

Recently, the USA based airlines have opened up a myriad of "basic economy" fares.  The rationale behind these fares, is to offer low-cost options to encourage sales, and fill up seats in the main cabin.  Yes, this does open up more 'wallet-friendly' options, but what most people don't know, are the restrictions associated with these "basic economy" fares.

As much as possible, our Adoption Airfare® team works hard to avoid Basic Economy flights for our travelers.  The cheapest option is not always the best option, and there are some factors worth considering if you're thinking about buying that low-end fare.

We can book basic economy fares, but most of the time we steer clients away from them for the following reasons:

  • Group and Family Seating is Not Available with Basic Economy Tickets
  • Strict Limits on Size of Carry on Items
  • Strict Limits on Personal Items that You can Carry with you
  • Flight Changes Not allowed
  • Refunds Not allowed
  • Certain Mileage Plan Benefits Not available
  • Last Boarding Group to Board flights
  • No Pre-Assigned Seating
  • Strict Limitations and fees on Any Checked Baggage 
  • No free Checked Bags Allowed

When would a Basic Economy Ticket be good to consider?

  • A Single Independent Traveler with Only a small Carry on item
  • Someone with firm travel dates, not concerned about the Possibility of Flight changes
  • Young person or Student who is Flexible to sit anywhere on the plane
Are we suggesting that you book high-end seats with pillows, toothbrush kits, and blankets?  Not necessarily. Going up to regular economy is usually not too far above basic in terms of price. If you are thinking about Basic Economy, we hope this will help you to understand what is behind the low cost fare you're seeing, and help you to make an educated decision.  Our agents are able to search for options that you may not be able to find on your own, and we would love to help you secure the best option for your personal travel needs. 

Please visit us for a quote for your next trip!

Safe Travels,
Tabitha from Adoption Airfare® and Hineni Tours

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