Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Airline Points and Frequent Flyer Miles - Avoiding Pitfalls

Have you ever tried to book flights with points or miles and you feel like you end up with more questions than answers?  Do you ever feel after using a combination of points and cash, that you paid more than you should pay for such purchases?  We would like to outline some of the pitfalls that can come into play with using points, in hopes of avoiding unnecessary frustration.

  • Mileage purchases must be done directly with the airline
  • Tickets purchased using mileage points can be difficult to change
  • Be aware that BLACKOUT dates may apply
  • Double check the rules as some of the mileage booking rules can be confusing
  • Changing a points ticket can be tricky and expensive
  • Frequent flyer miles with airlines can be less flexible than credit card points.
  • Sometimes it is best to use credit card points for hotels and rental cars vs. flights
  • Consider buying discounted tickets with your travel agent using your credit card and reimbursing your card with a cash payout from your points vs. paying through the credit card system to utilize your points.
  • Blackout dates can sometimes apply to flights being purchased with credit card points.
  • Consider allowing your travel agent find the lowest fare for paying passengers to coordinate with points passengers.
  • Some of the deeply discounted child fares are only possible if one adult purchasing with the child using money, not points. 
  • Standalone child tickets can be very costly if not coordinated properly, so make sure if you book airfare for yourself and your child, that you seek help and advice from a trusted travel agent.
  • Since points and miles can be tricky, always seek the advice of your trusted travel agent for clarification and help in understanding how to best use your points and miles to your benefit.
  • You can always ACCRUE miles anytime you work with a travel agency. Just be sure to provide your frequent flyer numbers to your agent to make the most out of your money spent.

Please keep in mind that each airline and credit card company has their own currency with which points can be utilized and spent.  It is always a great idea to look into the specific benefits of your points and make sure you are using them to your maximum benefit.

Our skilled travel agents at Adoption Airfare® enjoy creatively helping our clients to save money utilizing our discount humanitarian fares, sale fares, tour fares, student fares and consolidator fares.  These type of fares can save significantly, even beyond using points in many cases.  We have discounted one way fares on our transatlantic and transpacific flights, saving people a lot vs. booking something that they pay more for, even when using points.  It is always a case by case situation, but our team of agents are here to help with this however we can and our advice to you is always free of charge!!  :)

Please visit us for a quote today for your next trip!

Safe Travels,
Tabitha Lovell

Adoption Airfare® and Hineni Tours


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