Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Lord is Working in Tel Aviv!!

What an amazing day!  Everything in Tel Aviv has been on foot since parking is such a challenge.  Our first adventure began at the local organic cafe called Neroli.  The wraps, salads, and juices are amazing!  We took a seat outside on the very busy but cozy street setting with lots of beautiful green plants and a nice table with just enough chairs for us.  Somewhere during our meal, Kevin realized that we had been given the food for the table next to us by accident.  He began talking with the man, and they were laughing about it and mentioning how sometimes these things happen for a reason.  This opened up a really a good conversation about the Lord.  Funny how things like this happen to us as we are taking steps to share our faith with the people while we are here in Israel.  Divine providence for sure! 

This family lives in Switzerland, and were visiting Israel just like we are.  Kevin and the husband had a long talk about the Tanach, the New Testament, Jesus, and lots, lots more!  They are a secular Jewish family, and several times he mentioned the teachings that follow in line with the Kaballah that he adheres to.  He reminded me a lot of the "New Age" spiritual type of people in the Bay Area in California.  He was very open to hear from Kevin, which was really great.  They had a really great conversation.  Come to find out, they grew up very close together in the same neighborhood in San Jose, CA!  What a small world.  They were getting back on their flights to Switzerland, and we met them just before they were heading to the airport.  After our time with them, they took their suitcases and headed off to their flights home from Israel back to Switzerland.  The Lord was really working in that conversation, and seeds were planted for sure!  May the Lord water those seeds that were planted to bring forth much fruit! 

Our next stop was to pick up some bikes and electric scooters, to take some bike trails along the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea.  This was so fun.  We had a chance to meet lots of local people on our day of biking and scooting around.  We are looking forward to sharing this great adventure with our teams when we are here in Tel Aviv!  When you come to Israel with us on one of our tours, remember to bring your walking shoes and biking gear and get ready for a really fun bike ride for those who would be up to it.  Bring your children too!  They will love it here in Israel!

Taking our electric rental bikes around Tel Aviv!

Faith got to ride on one of the really fun electric scooters!

Faith scooting along the trails.  Super fun!

Later on in the day, we decided to get some coffee and juice at an Aroma Cafe along our path.  When we stepped in and sat down, I was surprised to see Maria, the woman who helped us settle into our apartment, walk in the cafe!  I felt like this was too crazy to be a coincidence, so I piped up excitedly... "Hello Maria!!"  We were both surprised to see each other as this was quite a distance from where we met the day before.  She wanted to share something with me.  She told me, "Tabitha, thank you so much for that card you gave me."  (Princess gospel tract).  She came closer to us and started to elaborate.  She said, "The words of that were so precious and touched my heart."  She shared with us how she had not been sleeping for several nights, and was feeling very anxious.  Then just the night before, she decided to take a look at that card by her bed and read it.  She shared with us how as she was reading the words, it was talking about her life.  The words pierced her deeply to her heart.  As she was sharing this, she was very moved, with her hand on her heart.  She mentioned how that after she read that tract, she slept for the first time in such a long time.  God gave her peace.  She said something so beautiful.  "This is what I have been looking for my entire life." 

She expressed that she is a single mother and she is having problems with her 15 year old son, and sleep has not been easy.  Kevin and I were able to share with her about calling upon the Lord and asking Him to fill her with His Holy Spirit. 

We shared the verses with her:

“So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. If a son asks for [e]bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent instead of a fish? Or if he asks for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” ~Luke 11:9-13

She told us that she is going to ask the Lord to fill her with His Holy Spirit.  What an amazing testimony!  I told her that I want to see her again before I leave, so we are meeting for lunch today.  I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for this meeting. 

Meeting with Maria at the coffee shop

We are filled to overflowing just to see the work of the Lord's hand in Maria's life.  We are planning to connect her with local believers here in her area today.  She really desires this.  She kept telling us how she has been needing this her whole life, and how that when we share with her, she gets goosebumps all over and butterflies in her chest.  Truly Maria is experiencing a touch of the Ruach (Holy Spirit) in her life.  All praise and Glory to the great KING of her heart, Yeshua/Jesus!!  Let's be in prayer for Maria, that she will fully experience the JOY of following her King, and may she grow in her relationship with the Lord deeper and deeper in the coming months and years ahead.  Please also pray for her son Matthew, to come to salvation.  We are so excited to see what the Lord is going to do!

Visiting a street market in Tel Aviv

Spices here are amazing!

Spices, spices, and more spices!!

Street markets are so fun and great places to share your faith!

Faith shell hunting!

Lots of great restaurants along the bike path!

Wow!  Somebody ate their Wheaties! 

Kevin pointing at "Benny" the fisherman sign!

For the Gelato lovers -- this place has some amazing flavors!

Smoothies are our thing!  We can pass on the gelato, but give us a smoothie any day of the week and we'll take it!

Neroli is our favorite place in Tel Aviv for smoothies and salads.  Delicious food and great service!  Thank you Jesus!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Special Meetings in Jerusalem

We are amazed at how the Lord has led us to such wonderful meetings here in Jerusalem during our time here.  We designated a week to stay in Jerusalem, and we have needed every single minute here.  It's been so wonderful.  After our miraculous meeting on Friday with Zusha in Jerusalem, our Sunday lunch meeting with him was so special.  Zusha introduced us to a wonderful plant-based restaurant.  We had a very nice time sharing our testimonies with him, and him sharing his life with us.  We can truly say that we have a dear friend in Zusha, and we can't wait to see him again. We are planning to return this summer to spend more time with him and also with more friends we have made here in Israel.  Zusha has invited us to his home for a Shabbat meal.  This will be very special and we can't wait to accept this invitation on our next trip here in Israel.

Zusha gave me my new Hebrew name, Tzvia.  My name Tabitha is too difficult for the Hebrew speaking people to speak.  It's something about the "TH" sound that is very difficult for them to pronounce, so many times when I say my name, they can not repeat it back to me.  Since this keeps happening, I decided to ask if I could know the word "Gazelle" in Hebrew.  Zusha told us that there are many women in Israel with the name "Gazelle" which is pronounced "Tzvia".  Since Tabitha means Gazelle, I felt that this was a perfect name.  So now when I order cofee and they ask for my name, instead of getting a confused look and trouble with the translation, I've decided to use "Tzvia" here in Israel for certain things like this.  It's fun! Kevin is Chaim.  

I am Tzvia, and Faith is "Emunaa".  Chaim = Life, Emunaa = Faith, Tzvia = Gazelle.  :)

After our lunch with Zusha, Kevin was openly sharing about his past cancer diagnosis in the restaurant.  A man was very curious and looked at me and wanted to hear more about this.  He spoke a very British English, but thankfully we could communicate very well together and shared the whole cancer testimony.  He wanted to talk more with us, so he and Kevin and his friend stepped to the side and they began hearing everything Kevin wanted to share with them.  They are so happy to have met him and they want him to come back to Israel to teach them more about the scriptures.  The Lord truly has answered some very specific prayers of ours in bringing us these two men that Kevin was able to share with about their Messiah.  They were so hungry for more, that they asked for Kevin's information and will be staying in touch.  God is truly working here in the land of Israel among His beloved people!  We have LOVED meeting and enjoying our new friends here in Jerusalem.

Here is Kevin sharing with these two men at the restaurant. Beautiful meeting!

We spent Shabbat at a very special congregation in Jerusalem, and re-connected with some dear friends there.  One special friend I will call "Adah" because of privacy.  We can not disclose actual names and faces of some of our Jewish brethren for privacy.  I wish I could show her beautiful kind and sweet face.  Adah is our new Safda (meaning grandmother).  She is such a trooper!  As an older lady, she was very excited when we invited her to drive 2 and 1/2 hours north to the upper Gallilee to worship up on the mountain with Joshua Aaron and the other local believers in the land.  We had such a precious time of worship and fellowship together.  

Our sweet "Adah" and Faith walking out of the walkway after our time of worship.

My new sweet sister, Jessie and I fellowshipping together after worship time.  She is such a gracious host.

Faith and Ms. Jessie.  She was so kind and welcoming in her home to have us spend time with her.  What a precious gift of hospitality she has.  She is a dear friend and we can't wait to see her next time!

Kevin and Joshua's dad became good friends.  We plan to spend time with them in the USA where they are from.

Faith getting a guitar lesson from Brother Ryan, who is one of the leaders of worship with Joshua Aaron.  Their home has an amazing view of the Galilee.  Such a precious family!

My new friend Tanya.  She is so precious and I can't wait to get to know her more.

Kevin sharing with these two men at the restaurant who are asking him to come back and teach them more.  Praise the LORD!

Some of Israel's wonderful food

Special plant-based desserts at the restaurant Zusha introduced us to.

One of the finest Salad bars in Israel!

All of this food was incredible and all plant-based with loads of flavor.  

Village Green is the name of this incredible restaurant.  The prices were very good for this type of food.

Kevin and our dear friend, Zusha.

Pastor Joe leading services up in Haifa on Sunday night.  One Russian Jewish man came to Yeshua as His Savior in this meeting!  Hallelujah!!!

Fellowship after the meeting in Haifa at our very first Shawarma restaurant.  This was one of the finest Shawarma places I think that has ever been planted on earth.  The food was really amazing.

Fellowship over Shawarma.  Best of the best!  :)
So before we left Jerusalem, we had one last mission.  We had been ministering to a sweet lady in the Naot shoe store.  She is really humble and coming to understand the truth.  Naot means "Oasis" and we truly believe that she is coming to a resting place, an oasis of her faith, in finding Yeshua as her Messiah as a result of this trip.  We delivered a full Bible to her today and she is planning to read the "Brita Hadasha" meaning the "New Testament" which is a forbidden book in her religion of Judaism.  

Kevin spending time with our new friend who is really coming to experience the Lord's love for her.
She was so hungry to hear more about her Messiah, and as we shared more and more with her, she would get tears in her eyes hearing about His great love for her.  Please keep her in prayer.  She is a very special person we were able to meet on this trip, and God is really working in her heart and life.  We feel just a taste of His incredible love for her.

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