Monday, March 25, 2019

Worship with Joshua Aaron and Believers in Poriya Ilit, Israel!

We have been very blessed by a certain brother in the Lord, and his worship albums in both Hebrew and English.  The way that it is put together really allows for us who don't know Hebrew too well, to listen and worship together as one with our Hebrew speaking brethren.  Songs like "How Great is our God" are spoken in Hebrew (Gadol Elohai), and the Lord has been really ministering to us through this brother's worship.  His name is Joshua Aaron.  He is well known among the Messianic population not only in Israel, but all over the world.  Kevin told me a couple weeks ago, "Honey, I think the Lord will allow us to meet Joshua Aaron sometime on our travels to Israel."  We had no idea when and how, but we felt that it would happen somehow.  The WAY it happened really was a surprise to us and such a special gift.

Joshua Aaron and Kevin fellowshipping together after the worship time. 
He was such a humble brother.  We felt like we've known him for years. 
He was playing with Faith and she told us that he said she can call him "Uncle Josh" now since we are family in the Lord.
He has 5 children, but they were not there with him.  I'm sure Faith would enjoy playing with all of his children!
Maybe one day!

Earlier in the day, we visited a guesthouse where we will be hosting our teams, right outside of the Tiberias area on a hill with the most beautiful views of the Sea of Galilee and lush wildflowers and scenery.  It was one of the most beautiful places.  This guesthouse is run by Christians who really love the Lord, and their names are Kent and Shawna.  The Spirit of the Lord is there in a really precious way.

Fruit!  Israel is full of the most lush and beautiful fruit and produce.
We are able to eat so healthy and the fruits taste so much better here.  Israeli food is incredible,
like nothing else we've ever experienced!

Meeting Shawna and Kent, and looking around at the beautiful place the
Lord has prepared for our teams who visit this area in Tiberias.

Faith and I enjoying the beautiful spring blooms at the property where some of our teams will be staying.

Kent and Kevin were fellowshipping together about how it was on Kent's heart to open up a prayer tent with a cooling system, and chairs, for people who come there, to be able to pray and worship the Lord out there in the tent.  He shared how the Lord provided the finances and it was built and stands there today for teams to come and worship the God of Israel!  We were so blessed to meet the brother and sister who run this place, Kent and Shawna.  It's really a joy to see how they do things there.  They have servants of the Lord who volunteer and make the meals to be serving the Lord and allowing for ministries to come at a lower cost.  The volunteers and staff were such a blessing and a joy.

This is the prayer tent for worship and prayer on the property in Tiberias

Kevin praising the Lord in the tent with brother Kent!

The property is so beautiful and the lush foliage and smells of the wildflowers, are breathtaking.  Faith was swinging on the swing set and I was speaking with the host wife and getting to know her a little bit.  Shawna and I had a nice time chatting together.  She has such a hospitable spirit and warmness about her.  I know that all of our guests with Hineni Tours, will be very cared for and loved.  This is very important to us.  We don't want our teams staying just anywhere.  We want them to be able to experience the hospitality of Israel, and get to know the people and meet people and come to not only see the sights, but also to experience the richness of Israel in the people who dwell in the land.

As dusk was approaching, I said, "We may want to start moving on since it's probably dinner time for you by now..." While we were talking, Shawna mentioned that some of the staff were headed to a worship night with Joshua Aaron, and she said that we would be welcome to drive up there and join them.  We thought about it for 2 seconds and were like... "YES! We would ABSOLUTELY love to do this!!"  We felt that this was an invitation from the Lord.  We had no idea how He would subsequently show up in such a real and precious way there in that worship meeting.

The drive up the mountain was amazing.  The lower lights of Tiberias becoming clearer and clearer as we drove to the crest of this large mountain to a town called Poriya Ilit, which means "Fruitful" in Hebrew.  The worship was very spontaneous, many of the songs were new songs that had never been sung that were being birthed there in this place.  Truly this was such a fruitful time of worship.  We really felt that the Lord was inhabiting the praises of His people in a real and special way during this time.

"But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel."
~Psalm 22:3

The JOY in our time of worship was so precious.  After the meeting, we were greeted warmly by all of the brethren and fellowshipped together with our new brother Josh, and everyone in Poriya Illit.  Then after we were there for a while with Joshua's dad (brother Andy), and the precious host family, Jessie and Ryan.  Brother Ryan was hearing our testimony about Hineni Tours, and asked us to "Come and see" something.  To my surprise, on his refrigerator he pointed to a special heart he and his wife had made to remember their calling to the land of Israel and how God used the word "Hineni" to call them there.  Here is the photo of this precious brother showing us the heart on his refrigerator.

Jessie and Ryan were the most precious hosts of the worship night with Joshua Aaron and the brethren. This was a beautiful stamp of the Lord in our hearts to see this heart.  Truly we shared how we felt that the Lord brought us straight to his heartbeat among these believers on the mountain.

Hineni, Adonai.  WOW!  We are Speechless!
This is Carolyn Hyde, Ariel's mother.  We spent time with her son in law on our last trip to Israel, and we actually had connected on facebook weeks ago, and I saw her in the meeting.  She was helping to lead worship and was singing some new songs unto the Lord.  After the meeting we were able to fellowship together and we have some things that we believe the Lord is doing for our teams to come and experience a special time of worship and a meal together at her home in Poriya Illit.  It will be an amazing time for our teams when they come to Israel.  She is a dear sister, and we love her son and daughter-in-law, Ariel and Shayla.

Faith swinging outside of the guesthouse in Tiberias!

Walking into the worship tent which is at the guesthouse

This is Shawna showing us around the main lower level where
team meetings can be held, and ping-pong table too!

Outside area of the guesthouse.  I don't want to spoil the experience,
but just giving a tiny taste!

More views from the guesthouse veranda overlooking
the Sea of Galilee.

Sweet Shawna showing us one of the family rooms
This was the entrance to the worship night
with Joshua Aaron way up high on the mountain.
It was about a 20 minute drive up from Tiberias
with some amazing views of the city lights below.
Truly this evening was a surprise gift from Jesus/Yeshua
to our family.  Thank you. LORD!

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