Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sacrifice of Worship in Jerusalem

The alarm clock sounded in Jerusalem. The song, "Gadol Elohai" (How Great is our God in Hebrew), is our new waking alarm song, but this time was different. Immediately my hands went up to the Lord over Israel, and spontaneous worshipful tears began flowing from my eyes.  Jerusalem is a very special place.  I've had two very deep personal experiences here in this city with the Lord.  Today was one of them.

As my hands were lifted, I began interceding for my dear sister having trouble with her pregnancy back in the US.  My heart was torn to know that as we are here and God is unfolding such beautiful things, there is a pain in my heart as I share the pain of my dear sister in the hospital with uncertain news.  As I began interceding for her with tears, the thought that came to my mind and heart was of Abraham, sacrificing his son Isaac on the altar in Genesis 22.  Why this thought came to my heart so strong, I can not explain it.  I broke out with with weeping and intercession.  I asked the Lord to help my sister to lift up her hands in her time of need, and offer a sacrifice of praise to the Lord.  I asked the Lord to give her the faith of Abraham with this baby, and to surrender the baby as an offering of worship to God, no matter the outcome.

After that time of worship and prayer, I later sat down next to my special culinary creation (made by Faith).  I opened up my laptop to write my blog about yesterday's events.  To my shock, my laptop battery had not charged and was dead.  Bummer! Could it be broken?  As the sunbeams struck through the window in our Jerusalem apartment, my desire to enjoy a relaxing breakfast and catch up on my blog, shifted to a new desire to find a laptop cord and get down to the streets and get ready for our meeting.

Faith's culinary creation she made for my breakfast before we left the apartment.

Our meeting went really well.  We plan on serving the ministry leader with some of her travel needs. In the meeting, a topic came up about the morning prayers of the Jewish people.  She said almost as a side-thought, "Do you know the each religious Jew recites liturgical prayer about Abraham binding Isaac to the altar, before they start their day?"  My answer to this was, "Really?  Every day?"  Her reply, "Yes."

After our meeting, I was cleaning up the cups of tea that we were drinking together at the meeting table, and I shared my morning experience with her how these scriptures spontaneously came to my heart just this same day.  We both mutually agreed that this was incredible given the fact that each Jewish religious person all over the world was sharing the same thought in their liturgical prayers each morning.  To think that these beautiful thoughts came to my heart right here in Jerusalem of all places, just amazes me.

We had a fruitful day here in Jerusalem.  Amid meetings and other things, we happened to have time to stop and talk to several strangers on the street and engage in some very meaningful conversations about the topic of Isaiah 53 and who is this Messiah of Israel, and of the whole world?  Could it be Yeshua?  We are planting seeds and trusting that the Lord will multiply and also water these seeds.  Sometimes it feels more like a plowing, and we truly do appreciate your prayers.

To see some of the Jewish people come to find their Messiah, would be the coronation of this wonderful trip we are having.  In fact, I think to see souls being saved, no matter the background, ethnicity, or religious affiliation, is the coronation of our entire lives.  How much is one soul worth?  What sacrifice is too hard to make for the labor of bringing souls to come to know their Savior?

Silly picture of Kevin outside the "Kippa Man" shop!

Kevin sharing the gospel with a harp player on the street in Jerusalem today

Some who know us know that 222 is a special number to us that we see sometimes that reminds us that the Lord is with us.

One of the rooms in our apartment is a bomb shelter room.  It is common all over Israel to have these safe rooms called "Merkhav Mugan" rooms, meaning "Protected Space".  Israel is a very sober nation.  In many ways, Israel is safer than many places on earth because of their sobriety and readiness.

I met a group of Brazilian believers today as we were sharing the gospel.  The pastor of this group asked me who Isaiah 53 was speaking of, and when I said "Yeshua" he grabbed his heart and the fellowship in Christ was immediate!  What a joy to meet other believers here on this trip and fellowship and pray together on the street.  Truly this was a divine appointment!!

The city lights at night in Jerusalem.  Absolutely beautiful!

My precious husband and daughter made me dinner the other night in our apartment because I was too tired from all the traveling to go out to eat.  What a spread they put together and served me with the white napkin service of a princess.  I felt very honored, humbled, and blessed.  Thank you Jesus for such a precious family!

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