Friday, March 29, 2019

Divine Providence in Jerusalem!

We were a few minutes behind, so we quickly called Yosef, our media person here in Jerusalem who we were meeting for a video shoot at the studio for our new promo video for Hineni Tours.  As we were leaving the gate, we drove up the hill from our apartment, and the first vehicle we saw, I thought my eyes were tricking me.  Could it be Zusha, the man we met on our last trip here in Israel way over in Tel Aviv?  As we got closer, I said, "Honey, it's Zusha!"  

We could hardly believe it.  As we got closer, truly it was him.  Kevin yelled out the window, "Zusha, hello my friend!"  It was a miracle.  Zusha was looking very surprised.  He could hardly believe it himself.  He and Kevin have been communicating over Whatsapp ever since our last trip, and the fact that we spontaneously crossed paths in the busiest city in all of Israel, was a miracle.  I was speechless.  Zusha was a bit stunned, and asked Kevin's name and then after about 10 seconds, he made the connection and remembered him!  WOW!  The traffic began moving, so Kevin quickly said, "Let's get together"!  After about a minute, Kevin got a message on Whatsapp from Zusha, and his message said this: "Divine Providence".  He recognized the miracle too.  Praise the LORD!

Last time we were in Israel back in February, we were in the Jaffa (Joppa) area outside of Tel Aviv at a juice bar.  Tel Aviv is about an hour drive west of Jerusalem, along the coast.  It was there in Jaffa, that we met Zusha, a very short man driving up to a juice bar where we were outside enjoying an acai bowl together.  He was very friendly and reminded us of a hippie from the 1970's.  He shared with us how he is vegan and this is what brought him to this particular juice bar.  The conversation lasted for a long time.  It ended very well with an exchange of information and then subsequently, there has been a lot of communication stateside.  

Zusha is a devout Jew, but not a religious Jew.  He honors Shabbat, but is not Orthodox.  He lives in a co-op type of neighborhood about 30 minutes outside of Jerusalem, with other Jewish people, similar to a Kibbutz, but not exactly.  He agreed that he would talk to Kevin about spiritual things, but only if it was from the Tanakh.  This was ok with Kevin, because there is enough in the Tanakh that can lead someone to find their Messiah, so he agreed that unless Zusha wanted to know more, he could stick with the Tanakh.  I've been amazed when Kevin shares with me all of the scriptures he shares with Zusha by text JUST from the Tanakh.  It is surely something that can provoke a Jewish person to "jealousy", so we are praying for this to happen as the relationship grows.  Kevin has been very wise in how he communicates and shares about his love for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with our dear friend, Zusha.

We are excited because we are planning to meet up on Sunday with him for lunch.  Please pray for this meeting.  We are asking the Lord that Zusha would have an experience like Zaccheus from the Bible, and become hungry to know the deeper revelation of the things of God, revealed in the Son of God, Jesus/Yeshua.  We desire for not only Zusha, but his whole family to find their Messiah, and not just to find Him, but to come to love him and Him to indwell their hearts by faith.

Our video promo went well.  The media team was amazing, and we learned a lot.  I hope that our next one will go even better.  This was our first time in a real studio like this, so it was a learning experience for sure.  We came to appreciate how hard people work in the filming industry.  It is truly a blessing and a gift, especially when this is used for the right purposes.  They took lots of video footage, including shots of us walking the streets of Jerusalem together, as well as explaining about our heart for the work we do with Hineni Tours and Adoption Airfare. We are praying that the Lord will help the editors put together an awesome promo using some of the footage that we shot there at the studio.   

Video Promo for Hineni Tours!!  Can't wait to share it soon!

My favorite view in all of the world! 
Oh and the backdrop isn't bad either!  ;)

Faith doesn't like bugs too much, but she did like this one!

Kevin and I at the Mamilla

Shopping at the Mamilla in Jerusalem

After the promo, we were hungry and went to the Mamilla in Jerusalem (outdoor mall) to eat some lunch at Aroma Cafe.  The food was delicious.  We ordered some fresh pressed juice and also salads and a cappuccino.  The food in Israel is incredible!  We really enjoy the fresh produce, nuts, olive oils, dried fruits, hummus, and the gluten-free pita bread!  Amazing.

Lovely Israeli snacks

After eating lunch, we made our way to the NAOT shoe store.  Naot means "Oasis" in Hebrew, and we have loved their shoes from the time we first found them in the US.  The prices are much lower to buy them in Israel, so we decided to purchase a couple pairs.  The lady in the store remembered me from my last trip.  This time she was able to meet Kevin, and she was very excited to hear the Hebrew that Kevin has been practicing (from Isaiah 53).  

Last time I was there, I had left a pair of shoes, and she saved them for me and gave them to me this time!  How sweet that she would keep them all these weeks!  She told me that she also kept the card I gave her (gospel tract) and had it in her home.  When Kevin was sharing this time with her the words of Isaiah 53, about her Jewish Messiah, she got tears in her eyes.  

When Kevin asked her who this was talking about, at first she said Moses, but then after asking a few more questions, she began to see that it was not Moses, but it was Jesus/Yeshua. Amazing. What she will do with that, we don't know.  All we know is that she recognized Him and He touched her heart deeply to tears.  Let's be in prayer for this store owner, that the Lord would do a deeper work in her heart.  It is our prayer that she will not only come to know Him in her mind, but that she will come to embrace Him in her heart as her Lord and Savior, Messiah, and that she will experience the inhabitation and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the deepest and sweetest Possession she could ever own.

To God be the Glory!!

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