Friday, February 15, 2019

A New Love for the Land of Israel

Kevin and I on the Mediterranean Sea boat ride

After an evening walk by the Mediterranean Sea, we decided to go to walk beyond our hotel and go out to the city and get some water.  Along the way, we met an orthodox man wearing a Kippah, who was blind.  He was walking with the walking cane of a blind man, and trying to navigate his way down the sidewalk.  As we approached him, I nudged Kevin… “A blind man, honeeeeey…!!!! Jesus healed the blind right here!!” Immediately I felt the Lord’s love for this man and Kevin introduced himself and introduced us.  He understood a little bit of our language, enough to greet and communicate a little bit.  His hands were very sensitive to our touch.  I grabbed his hand and spoke to him and asked him if he has heard of Yeshua Hamashiach, and he said, yes.  I asked if he believes in Him, and from what I understood, he has knowledge of Him.  I don’t know much Hebrew, but I do know how to say “Hallelujah” so I was praising the Lord, holding this man’s hand, and saying “Yeshua Hamashiach”!  He was smiling and holding my hand and would not let it go.  So we remained with him for several moments.  I asked him if we could pray for him. He was saying things like “Yes, so good… and touching our faces and saying… so good… good people… so good”  --- so we prayed for him that the Lord would touch him, heal him, and reveal himself to him... lots of things we prayed for this precious man. He did not want to part from us, but as time passed, we departed.  Truly we believe God is working in that man’s heart and life and mind.  We are praying that he will come to understand the great love of Christ for him!  We hope to meet him again in Israel, or in the New Jerusalem one day.  There he will have his sight restored if not sooner, and we pray he will make it into the Kingdom.  Hallelujah!!!  What a precious divine appointment.

Above all the sights, the beauty of the land, the places touched by Jesus (Yeshua) I can truly say that the love for the Jewish people here, has captivated my heart.  Seeing how they live, walk, what they are like.  Truly a love has birthed in my heart for them.  A desire in my heart is growing, to get to know the people, sit with them, dwell with them, learn from them, enjoy them.  

Tiberias in the Galilee region.  Tiberias is such a special place to us, and has become our favorite city in Israel, where Jesus did much of His ministry work.  We have been blessed to do some ministry work here too!  We were able to minister to an Eritrean man who was scrubbing boxes for a store owner, and we also got to minister to the store owner as well.  The Lord is using Isaiah 53 here in Israel, and we are excited to share this passage with anyone who will listen!

Tonight we meet with a dear friend here in Galilee for dinner, Ted Walker and his wife Linda. 
We had a lovely meal together at their table, and sweet fellowship far into the evening hours.  Their hospitality to us, and gracious love of the brethren, will never be forgotten.  Ted giving Kevin the shirt off of his back, sweaters, gloves, hats, for our journey to Jerusalem.  We had no idea how much the temperature would drop.  We certainly used these sweaters Ted gave us.  What a blessing!  

We look forward to seeing them again on our next journey to Israel.  Ted helped us get acquainted with the Israeli Bible Society, and they provided us with tons of resources in Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian, to distribute to the Jewish people all over Israel.  We are so thankful for their work and pro-life ministry!  Thankfully after meeting Ted and Linda, we were able to get ahold of several bibles, gospel tracts, and more, to pass out in the native languages of the people here!  Glory to God.  May the Lord bless this sweet couple for their labor for Him in Israel.  We love them dearly!  

Ted and Linda, our new dear friends in Tiberias.

Joy is one of the sweet sisters on our team.  We love her and she fell in love with Faith!  Faith looks for Joy on all of our touring, asking me, "Momma, can I please go sit with my friend?"  Joy truly took Faith under her wing.  We love her and her husband.  They had the precious opportunity to renew their vows together while in Israel.  What a joy-filled trip we had with them.  Unforgettable friends!

Sweet sister Joy and Faith.  

Kevin became dear friends with this young man named Anthony, who was wanting to be discipled in the things of the Lord and do more gospel outreach. There was a special bond with Anthony for sure.  We love this guy!  Also next to him was a trauma surgeon who was also on our team, and we needed his medical attention for a sweet lady who fell down.  What a blessing that he was there at just the right time!

Sweet friends from our team.  We will never forget them!

Our time on the Sea of Galilee was unforgettable!  The worship music, time of praying together and meditating on what the Lord did there and the miracles that happened on this very water.  The views, the wind and waves, everything about it was unforgettable!

A beautiful boat we captured while we were taking our trip

Our team on the boat on the Mediterranean Sea.  Such a beautiful time of worship

Kevin at the front of the boat.  What an awesome time!

Here are some photos of our time in Nazareth.  We were surprised how different each city is in Israel.  Nazareth was very different from all of the other places.  Very packed with traffic, mostly Arab and Muslim population there now, not too many Jews that we noticed.  We enjoyed some street markets there and also some beautiful fresh produce, and an amazing restaurant called "Tishreen."  We had a wonderful day of outreach, sharing with some people in Nazareth, but most of all, just seeing the city and learning about this place.

Nazareth Market

Tishreen was our favorite restaurant in Nazareth with amazing fusion cuisine

Another market photo of the fresh produce in Nazareth

More fresh produce Nazareth

Faith and Kevin walking around in the market area of Nazareth

We met with a dear brother last Saturday at a Messianic fellowship, who invited us to come to the place he is ministering down outside of the Gaza area.  This town called Sderot, is 1 mile from the Gaza border.  This town is a Jewish town under severe threat of terror.  There are underground tunnels everywhere, in schools, etc.. where people go under ground when the threat of the bombs happens.  This is the “bomb capital” of the world.  Wow.  SO crazy.  But the Lord has us going there to meet with the Jewish people and minister Christ to them.  We are so excited for this opportunity as the Lord leads.  We are actually excited about going here one day, and looking forward to meeting those who have been broken, war-torn, and those hopefully ready to receive the gospel.  We will go as the Lord leads us to go.  There is no safer place to be, than in the center of God's will.  We trust His plans will come forth for this journey to take place at His leading.  Here are some pictures of our time at the Messianic Fellowship where we worshipped together on our first Shabbat in Israel.

Sweet Shayla, a new dear friend from Israel.  Her and her husband Ariel, are doing a wonderful work in the land of Israel.  We were so blessed to meet them!

A dear friend we met in Israel. Her name is Anna Reyes, and her and her husband are living in Israel with their children.  The pastor's sermon was about adoption and orphan care, and when I handed her my card about "Adoption Airfare", she was blown away and shared the testimony of how the Lord is putting adoption on their hearts and just confirmed it that day we met them.  I got to help answer lots of questions about adoption related topics.  God is working already!!  We loved this sweet family!  Can't wait to hear their story unfold!

Here is Anna and her husband, the ones who believe God is calling them to adopt.  

Anna and I outside of the Messianic fellowship up on Mt Carmel.

Kevin and Brother Ariel.  He is doing an amazing work in Israel, and we are just so excited to be able to meet him and his sweet wife and family.  They are becoming dear friends to us now.

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