Keeping Cool in Israel with Hineni Tours

We are getting close to seeing you all in Israel VERY SOON for our July Israel Tour!  We are very excited and can't wait to meet everyone in person.
As a reminder, summertime in Israel can be very hot, so we have put together a video with some practical tips for our tourists to help you stay cool while in Israel.  Make sure to check the weather before you depart, so that you can know how to pack properly.

Please remember to visit our TRAVEL TIPS page to refresh your memory on some of the ins and outs.  If you have not paid your tips yet, you will need to bring with you $150 USD cash to be collected on our Monday morning meeting time.  

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions at all while in Israel.  

Tabitha Cell: 209-247-0740

Kevin Cell: 678-675-7727

A few things:

There will be one airport transfer for those of you arriving in on Sunday afternoon or evening.  The bus will transfer you to the hotel from the airport…

Airline Points and Frequent Flyer Miles - Avoiding Pitfalls

Have you ever tried to book flights with points or miles and you feel like you end up with more questions than answers?  Do you ever feel after using a combination of points and cash, that you paid more than you should pay for such purchases?  We would like to outline some of the pitfalls that can come into play with using points, in hopes of avoiding unnecessary frustration.

THINGS TO BE AWARE OF USING FREQUENT FLYER MILES: Mileage purchases must be done directly with the airlineTickets purchased using mileage points can be difficult to changeBe aware that BLACKOUT dates may apply
Double check the rules as some of the mileage booking rules can be confusingChanging a points ticket can be tricky and expensiveFrequent flyer miles with airlines can be less flexible than credit card points.THINGS TO CONSIDER USING CREDIT CARD POINTS: Sometimes it is best to use credit card points for hotels and rental cars vs. flights
Consider buying discounted tickets with your travel agent using your credit …

Reasons to Reconsider "Basic Economy" Flights

Recently, the USA based airlines have opened up a myriad of "basic economy" fares.  The rationale behind these fares, is to offer low-cost options to encourage sales, and fill up seats in the main cabin.  Yes, this does open up more 'wallet-friendly' options, but what most people don't know, are the restrictions associated with these "basic economy" fares.

As much as possible, our Adoption Airfare® team works hard to avoid Basic Economy flights for our travelers.  The cheapest option is not always the best option, and there are some factors worth considering if you're thinking about buying that low-end fare.
We can book basic economy fares, but most of the time we steer clients away from them for the following reasons:Group and Family Seating is Not Available with Basic Economy TicketsStrict Limits on Size of Carry on ItemsStrict Limits on Personal Items that You can Carry with youFlight Changes Not allowedRefunds Not allowedCertain Mileage Plan Benef…

The Lord is Working in Tel Aviv!!

What an amazing day!  Everything in Tel Aviv has been on foot since parking is such a challenge.  Our first adventure began at the local organic cafe called Neroli.  The wraps, salads, and juices are amazing!  We took a seat outside on the very busy but cozy street setting with lots of beautiful green plants and a nice table with just enough chairs for us.  Somewhere during our meal, Kevin realized that we had been given the food for the table next to us by accident.  He began talking with the man, and they were laughing about it and mentioning how sometimes these things happen for a reason.  This opened up a really a good conversation about the Lord.  Funny how things like this happen to us as we are taking steps to share our faith with the people while we are here in Israel.  Divine providence for sure! 

This family lives in Switzerland, and were visiting Israel just like we are.  Kevin and the husband had a long talk about the Tanach, the New Testament, Jesus, and lots, lots more! …

Special Meetings in Jerusalem

We are amazed at how the Lord has led us to such wonderful meetings here in Jerusalem during our time here.  We designated a week to stay in Jerusalem, and we have needed every single minute here.  It's been so wonderful.  After our miraculous meeting on Friday with Zusha in Jerusalem, our Sunday lunch meeting with him was so special.  Zusha introduced us to a wonderful plant-based restaurant.  We had a very nice time sharing our testimonies with him, and him sharing his life with us.  We can truly say that we have a dear friend in Zusha, and we can't wait to see him again. We are planning to return this summer to spend more time with him and also with more friends we have made here in Israel.  Zusha has invited us to his home for a Shabbat meal.  This will be very special and we can't wait to accept this invitation on our next trip here in Israel.
Zusha gave me my new Hebrew name, Tzvia.  My name Tabitha is too difficult for the Hebrew speaking people to speak.  It's…

Divine Providence in Jerusalem!

We were a few minutes behind, so we quickly called Yosef, our media person here in Jerusalem who we were meeting for a video shoot at the studio for our new promo video for Hineni Tours.  As we were leaving the gate, we drove up the hill from our apartment, and the first vehicle we saw, I thought my eyes were tricking me.  Could it be Zusha, the man we met on our last trip here in Israel way over in Tel Aviv?  As we got closer, I said, "Honey, it's Zusha!"  

We could hardly believe it.  As we got closer, truly it was him.  Kevin yelled out the window, "Zusha, hello my friend!"  It was a miracle.  Zusha was looking very surprised.  He could hardly believe it himself.  He and Kevin have been communicating over Whatsapp ever since our last trip, and the fact that we spontaneously crossed paths in the busiest city in all of Israel, was a miracle.  I was speechless.  Zusha was a bit stunned, and asked Kevin's name and then after about 10 seconds, he made the con…

West Bank Adventures!

Among the adventures of this amazing time in Israel, I think getting lost and finding ourselves in the West Bank is coming close to the top of our list! We had no idea setting out from Jerusalem to Migdal, that our GPS would lead us up through the West Bank through the beautiful lush Jordan Valley.  As we were driving, we began seeing things like a Bedouin shepherd herding sheep across the road.  As we were following our "Waze" app directions, we began to wonder if perhaps Waze was taking us the wrong way, but we kept going.  The drive was beautiful.  The views crossing the Jordan Valley were the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

As we kept driving, we had a left turn coming up, and then a quick right.  Wait, a military gated compound?  I don't think this is the WAY!  But, as we know... His ways are higher than our "Waze" (pun intended).  We found ourselves asking four IDF soldiers if they could help us to find where we were going.  They were uncertain th…